Managing Partner / Attorney at Law

Attorney Gilbertas Kinderevičius is a Managing Partner of NEWTON LAW with more than 20 years of legal practice.

The main areas of specialization are business law, mergers and acquisitions, labor, tax law, litigation and more. The lawyer’s many years of experience allow him to professionally provide advice on business risk management and operational optimization issues, represent clients in financial crime cases, tax investigations and inspections.

The attorney regularly conducts seminars and trainings for business clients on the legal liability of company executives and shareholders, tax investigations and inspections.

Gilbertas always delves into the needs of the client in order to get to know, ascertain interests and goals, while looking for solutions to ensure the best result.

Since 2012 Gilbertas Kinderevičius participates in the activities of Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.


Partner / Attorney ar Law

Attorney Asta Kederytė’s main areas of expertise are contracts, corporate, medical and labor law, data protection and other areas of compliance. Asta regularly advises Lithuanian and international companies and public sector clients on all issues of personal data protection and privacy. She is often invited to give presentations at seminars on data protection topics.

Asta is a recognized attorney in the United States, in the state of New York. She has also worked for several solicitors in London, United Kingdom, where she has gained valuable experience in negotiating, concluding business transactions, drafting and negotiating beneficial to the client contract terms.

Attorney helps local and foreign clients to solve various legal issues, advises on general corporate, labor law and compliance issues. Regularly organizes trainings and seminars on legal issues relevant to business.

The lawyer’s exclusive competence is advising health care institutions on various regulatory issues, also representing them in state institutions, disputes and relations with patients.

The lawyer is characterized by the ability to establish a strong relationship with clients, delve as much as possible into the case and respond quickly to clients’ questions, offering complex solutions.


Attorney at Law

Attorney Sandra Akelaitienė has almost 10 years of experience in representing the interests of clients in civil cases. Most of the experience has been accumulated in the fields of contracts, commercial and real estate law, in areas related to territorial planning, land law, construction (design, issuance of construction permits, completion of construction, contracting). She also assists clients in the development and implementation of real estate projects.

Sandra’s versatile experience allows her to professionally and comprehensively solve client’s problems, find the best way to resolve disputes and properly represent them in mediation procedures, courts or other state institutions.



Associate Jaunius Navickas specializes in intellectual property, real estate and construction law. The experience gained during the legal practice started during his studies in advising and representing clients on various types of legal issues allows the lawyer’s assistant to see the methods and possibilities of dispute resolution in a complex and strategic way, therefore Jaunius’ competence includes the preparation of procedural documents and process management.

Ambitious, youthful and responsible approach to work enables the lawyer to carefully delve into every aspect of the client’s problem and present a solution that best meets the client’s interests. When communicating with customers, Jaunius follows the principles of careful and understandable information, so information reaches customers quickly and clearly.



Associate Gerda Tautkuvienė specializes in personal data protection and construction and real estate law. Also, during her years of legal practice, the lawyer has accumulated valuable experience in the areas of commercial litigation, civil liability and intellectual property law.

Her competences include preparation of procedural documents and representation of clients’ interests in courts and state institutions, dealing with complex commercial disputes, contracts, civil liability and other areas of law.

Gerda’s deep legal knowledge, international study experience and accumulated experience in representing clients in complex disputes allow to ensure high quality results and effectively create added value for clients.



Associate Akvilė Laurinaitytė‘s main areas of expertise are data protection, labor law, contracts, corporate and intellectual property. During her studies, Akvilė did voluntary internships at prosecutor offices, Notary Public offices and law firms, which gave her a lot of valuable experience in various areas of law.

The broad understanding of law and the knowledge Akvilė has developed enables her to critically and comprehensively assess the Client‘s situation and to provide a solution that is in the Client‘s best interests.

Akvilė‘s diligence, ambition and responsibility help to ensure that each Client receives the proper attention, and that the Client‘s individual situation, needs and goals are genuinely understood.



Associate Rūta Sutkaitienė has almost 10 years of experience in various types and complexity of civil cases, successfully representing clients’ interests in legal disputes. The lawyer specializes in bankruptcy, employment, public procurement, and administrative law. She also has experience in family law, debt collection, corporate liability and shareholder liability cases.

Experience and acquired knowledge in various legal disputes allows Rūta to comprehensively solve clients’ problems and make strategic decisions, taking into account the individual situation and interests of each client. Rūta communicates with clients, maintains an open and sincere relationship with them, delves into their problem, hears the needs and goals, and helps to find the best solutions.



Associate Milda Rinkevičienė specializes in medical, employment, contract, intellectual property and corporate law. Milda has legal work experience in private companies, the public sector and law firms, as well as managerial work experience in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, which allows her to look at the needs of the client from different angles.

Milda focuses on continuous improvement in the field of law, is currently seeking a doctorate in civil law, and therefore offers clients science-based, all-encompassing legal solutions.


Head of Development




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