We consult on the establishment of companies (all forms of legal entities), prepare founding documents, corporate and other local documents of companies and their packages (all administrative and legal documents required for the start of the company’s activities).

We represent clients in company acquisition / transfer transactions, consult on corporate acquisition and transfer issues, and prepare transaction structures that are most suitable for achieving a specific goal.

We consult and represent on reorganization and separation issues, prepare required documentation and organize necessary procedures.

We prepare shareholders’ agreements and represent in disputes arising between shareholders or from shareholders’ relations with the company.

We represent companies, their managers, board members or shareholders in disputes in both pre-trial and judicial stages or in arbitration.

We advise and represent in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, cases, prepare required documentation, help find the most optimal solution.

We advise on all issues of employment law related to the amendment or termination of the employment contract, as well as the compliance of internal processes with the requirements set by law.

We perform legal assessment (audit) of available internal documents. We prepare various internal documents (orders, procedures, rules, contracts, etc.) adapted to your business.

We represent in various state institutions, disputes and relations with employees.

We advise on various tax issues. We provide practical, comprehensive advice on tax planning.

We analyze the efficiency of your activities and taxation. We help identify the best organizational structures in tax terms and avoid over-taxation.

We represent in state institutions and courts in resolving tax disputes.

We provide training on tax dispute prevention and institutional inspections.

We advise and represent in the negotiation of various types of contracts. We prepare agreements and their annexes adapted to your business, necessary for the execution of the planned transaction.

We evaluate the contracts and other documents used in the company’s activities, prepare and provide legal consultations and recommendations to help assess and avoid potential risks due to improper terms of contracts and other documents.

We prepare standard and non-standard contracts, as well as complex and profound agreements that improve or integrate business development.

We prepare, consult and represent in concluding contracts (purchase-sale, provision of services, lease, contract, financing, shareholders, assignment, other different types of contracts).

We perform a legal assessment of the current situation and compliance with the requirements of the GDPR. We prepare documents adapted to your business (procedures, rules, activity records, etc.), perform a data protection impact assessment.

We represent in state institutions, courts, in solving disputes and other matters with data subjects.

We provide training to familiarize companies with data protection and its requirements also targeted trainings of staff on various personal data protection issues, with the analysis of data protection situations in your business.

We help to register trademarks, designs and inventions in order to obtain protection in Lithuania, the European Union or any other country in the world.

We advise on the rights of trademark owners, as well as copyright and other matters. We prepare right assignment, and various copyright and license contracts.

We represent in state institutions, courts and relations with other business entities.

We perform legal audits of internal documents, assess their compliance with the requirements for the quality of health care services. We prepare necessary internal documents (rules, procedures, orders, etc.) adapted to your business.

We organize trainings on various legal topics relevant to the healthcare sector.

We represent in state institutions and courts, help with dispute resolution and various matters in relations with patients.

We advise and represent in negotiations on the acquisition / transfer of real estate, consult and prepare documents on legal issues arising during the design / construction process.

We prepare real estate acquisition / transfer agreements and their annexes adapted to your needs and requests, required for the execution of the planned transaction, also prepare contracts tailored to your requirements and needs, required in the design and construction process, and other documents required for transaction.

We consult in situations of consequences of arbitrary construction and assist in solving them.

We perform legal assessment of real estate objects planned to be acquired (legal status, restrictions, risks, development opportunities), consult and assist in situations of acquisition / transfer of risky objects.

We represent in state institutions, courts, and relations with sellers / buyers of property, other business entities.

We prepare the legal documents required in the territorial planning process (letters, answers, conclusions, agreements), consult on legal issues arising in the territorial planning process, solve complex legal situations (objects in protected areas, cultural heritage areas).

We perform legal supervision of territorial planning processes, administer (or help organize) public hearing procedures.

We represent in state institutions and courts.

We assess your situation and create a litigation strategy that ensures effective protection of your interests.

We prepare the necessary procedural documents (claims, feedback, complaints, replies, rejoinders, etc.).

We represent in various state institutions, courts of all instances, in civil, administrative, employment, tax and other cases.

We advise on various issues related to tender procedures, their implementation and preparation of documentation.

We assist in the preparation of calls for proposals and provide advice in submitting proposals.

We represent in legal disputes related to public procurement and in relations with other business entities.

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